Missouri Fly Fishing Guide:

Guiding clients on some of Missouri’s most spectacular spring fed streams

Missouri Fly Fishing Guide’s Mission:

To help fly anglers of all experience levels enjoy the amazing fishing opportunities the Missouri Ozark streams have to offer.

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Meet Your Missouri Fly Fishing Guide:

Hi, I’m Mike! I’ve enjoyed fly fishing for as long as I can remember. Since my youth, I’ve been fortunate to call the Missouri Ozark Streams my home waters. Through my countless hours of fishing these streams, I’ve developed an intimate knowledge of them and the fish that live there.

From my days as a fisheries research biologist for MDC, to my role as a judge at the 2016 World Fly Fishing Championships, fly fishing has shaped my life in many ways.

Since my retirement, I’ve been able to pursue my true passion, which is guiding and teaching others on my home waters in Missouri’s Ozark streams.

What to Expect from a Guided Trip:

A typical day on a guided trip starts off with us meeting at a boat launch to chat about your previous fly fishing experiences, go over some safety protocols, and discover what you’re hoping to get out of our time on the water.

One of two boats available for our float trip

After rigging up and loading the gear into the boat, we’ll climb aboard and head downstream. You won’t have to wait long after launching from the ramp to begin fishing.

We’ll continue to float and fish downstream, spending more time in the areas I’ve found to hold the most fish, and less in those that have proven to be less productive. We don’t need to wade in the water to find good fish, but if you’re comfortable with it and have waders, we’ll occasionally stop to wade fish the areas that are conducive to doing so.

Wade fishing a promising stretch of river

With the all day float option, we’ll stop sometime along the way for a shore lunch. (Lunch is provided with the full day option but not the 1/2 day)

After our float, we’ll get out at a boat ramp downstream from where we started, where our vehicles will be waiting.

For more information about what to bring, what’s included, etc. Visit our FAQs page, or Contact Me directly with your questions.

Guided Trip Options and Pricing

Each guided trip below includes a drift boat style fly fishing experience on one of Missouri’s premier trout streams. I have access to multiple streams within Missouri’s Ozark region, so we can choose one that fits your preferences and drive time. Fly rods, reels, lines, leaders, tippets, and flies are available or you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer. See our FAQs or Contact pages to learn more.

Guided Float Fishing Trips

1/2 Day Guided Float Trip

For one or two anglers
$350 total

Price includes drift boat style guiding on the Niangua River and bottled water. (Lunch is not provided with 1/2 day trips)

Full Day Guided Float Trip

For one or two anglers
$450 total

Price includes drift boat style guiding on the Niangua or Meramec Rivers, bottled water, and lunch

Guided Wade Fishing Trips

1/2 Day Wade Fishing

For one angler: $300
For two anglers: $350

Price includes guiding while wading on one of several streams, and bottled water (Lunch is not provided with 1/2 day trips)

Full Day Wade Fishing

For one angler: $350
For two anglers: $400

Price includes guiding while wading on one of several streams, bottled water, and lunch.

Missouri Fly Fishing Guide’s Clients

We’ll encounter rainbow and brown trout, and occasionally smallmouth bass on our float. Our clients come from all backgrounds and experience levels

While fly fishing is a major part of the experience, the Missouri Ozarks are also know for their beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife populations. With my background as a research biologist and biology professor, I’ll be able to point out and educate you on the many natural beauties we’ll see along the way.

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Reviews for Missouri Fly Fishing Guide:

“5/5 Stars. I highly recommend taking a guided float with Mike. I have been on several trips with him, and each time the fishing has been fantastic. Mike knows this water like the back of his hand. That, along with his rowing skills, make it so you’re always in the right spot to catch fish. Even the most beginner anglers will find it easy to catch fish. Mike’s background gives him an extensive knowledge of all things fish, and every trip out you’ll learn something new. He’s very patient with new anglers, a great teacher, and a great guy to spend a day on the water with!” -Ben-

“I’ve never fished with someone who knows more about trout than Mike does. He has a knack for knowing where the fish are and what they want to eat. He even brought along some fly patterns that were developed by a member of the USA International Fly Fishing team. My favorite aspect of my trip with Mike was the drift boat style of fishing we were able to do. Mike’s was able to get us in water that would be unfishable if we were wading. His boat allowed me to comfortably and safely stand up while casting, as well as provide comfortable seating while moving between locations. If you’re looking to have some fun chasing trout on Missouri’s Ozark streams, I would highly recommend reaching out to Mike!” – Travis-